How to Manage Your Time?

time management

Time is one of the most valuable human resources. With the acceleration of the pace of life, we are forced to learn time management and adapt to unplanned events.

Finding yourself, finding a job, and finding time for a family or hobby is very difficult. It is very important to maintain balance and peace of mind. For a start, perhaps, we should consider hiring, because this is one of the key factors of our existence in the capitalist world. There are many assistants and services that can provide us with quality information and competent explanations straight from the lips of professionals. To impress your employer, you need to know how to respond to a job offer correctly and quickly, saving time and your own resources. A very competent approach to your future!

Why do You Need to Know the Basics of Time Management?

  • to live a full life, to find time not only for work, but also for rest;
  • to effectively allocate time for personal and work, useful and for rest, solving important tasks and not so much;
  • to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff – important tasks from non-essential ones;
  • to comprehend their goals and in general life actions. Time tracking is a good practice in everyday life as well. By learning how to plan your time, you will habitually transfer these skills to life in general. This means that it will be more meaningful and fulfilled;
  • to motivate oneself to work and live more efficiently.

Basic Principles of Time Management

  1. Make to-do lists. Be sure to record everything that you have planned – as it is more convenient for you. Whether on paper, in a mobile application, or in a diary. Even better, specify the time during which the task will be completed. For example, 9.00 is a planning meeting with employees. 10.00 – meeting with the supplier. 11.00 – meeting with a marketer, developing an advertising campaign. This will give you a clear plan and instructions on how and when to get things done. And then, when you write down, the brain remembers the information better. So you will definitely not forget anything!
  2. Divide big tasks into small ones. It’s even easier psychologically – big tasks hang over us like the sword of Damocles, it’s scary to start with them, and so it’s tempting to postpone it for later! When a large task is divided into several small ones, it’s not so scary anymore. Follow each one in a planned way – and you will see how quickly you will achieve the result.
  3. Prioritize. Every day, determine the most important thing and throw all the resources and opportunities on it. Do it first or come back to it during the day – the main thing is that the task is completed. In the meantime, do less important tasks – you shouldn’t forget about them either.
  4. As a rule, the most important things are usually the most difficult ones. Or unpleasant. For example, you need to negotiate a deferral of rent payments or start a tough conversation with a fined employee. This is where procrastination raises its head – we delay the moment, killing time with petty matters or even wasting it on nonsense. Make it a rule to do the main thing first – you will see how quickly the stone falls from your soul. Then everything will go just like clockwork!

  5. Don’t get distracted. Get yourself some productive hours, during which you are not allowed to be distracted. Train your employees: no matter what happens, solve the problems yourself, and the boss must work. Do not be distracted by calls, letters, and instant messengers – it eats up several hours of your personal time. It is better to set aside half an hour in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening to check all messages and chat, and not go beyond this limit.
  6. Set goals high.Schedule a little more tasks than you can accomplish. Set a little earlier than planned – for example, launch sales of a new collection in a month, and not in a month and a half. Now whether you want it or not, you have to do it! If it does not work out, you can always play back, but the more likely you are should try to do everything on time.
  7. Or leave some spare time.Yes, plans and clear schedules are needed, but force majeure can happen in any business. Either the supplier lets you down, then the employee messes up – anything can happen. Do not plan to complete tasks, especially large ones, in the shortest possible time – give yourself a head start. During this time left in reserve, you can correct the situation if something goes wrong.
  8. Learn to say no.Jim Carrey’s character in Always Say Yes! suffered from an excess of free time – so he happily filled his life with interesting events. But you do not have this time – so do not take it away from yourself even more! Cases to which the soul does not lie, inappropriate, unprofitable things are real killers of the manager’s time and the profit of any business. All you have to do is learn to say “no” and refuse unprofitable offers!
  9. Just rest.A boss squeezed like a lemon is a thunderstorm for his subordinates and a time bomb for himself. Thinking about work at night and day, rushing to the office on a legal day off, neglecting your personal life – all this sounds heroic, but it will not lead to good. It’s still impossible to do everything in time – at least several times a week, allow yourself to relax and unwind, do what you love. So you will reboot your brain, recover and work much more efficiently. Isn’t that what you want?
  10. Live according to your biorhythms.All childhood and adolescence of us artificially made larks – remember getting to school and college at eight in the morning! Now you are the owner of your own business and you can allow yourself to live in harmony with your body. What is the point, if you are an owl, to raise yourself at 7:00 and walk until lunchtime like a boiled fly – in this state you will still be unproductive. It is much more useful to get a good night’s sleep and start work at 12 noon – and then live according to your own schedule. If you are comfortable working at one in the morning, work at one in the morning.
manage your time

And Finally

Do not think that knowledge of time management will make you a superhuman. Not at all – let’s debunk the main myths so that life does not seem like honey. Better truth than sweet lies!

You can’t control time. It is heartless: it goes and goes forward, and you will not do anything about it. You can only control yourself, killing attempts to procrastinate, planning the day and making clear plans.

You will not work anymore, relax. Rather less – for the same units of time. This, in our opinion, is the main feature of time management. You will increase personal efficiency and productivity.

Time management is a panacea for all ills. If you set initially incorrect goals, make spontaneous stupid decisions – no time management will save you.

Time management suits everyone. That is how it is, but each person is individual, you need to choose a strategy for yourself. Above, we wrote 13 general principles of time management and 5 rules for those who lead several projects at the same time.

Everything will go like clockwork at once. It is worth starting to implement the rules of time management – and he drank like a magic pill. Quite the opposite: at first it will be hard, because in fact, you will break your usual way of life, develop new skills. The main thing is not to break down in the first week. Further it will be easier!

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