About the tool

The Change! Tool provides practitioners with a comprehensive way to measure the behaviour change towards sustainable lifestyles impact of community engagement.

Developed by WWF-UK and CAG Consultants Ltd to measure the impact community engagement has on changing and maintaining sustainable behaviour, the Change! Tool is a robust research tool, built around a project management approach that measures programme impactors.

The online tool features a behaviour change questionnaire – a set of pre and post intervention measurements that focus solely on the behaviour change brought about within the life of a project.

The Change! Tool offers practitioners:

  • Access to detailed guidance: integrating community engagement, behaviour change and project management into a streamlined delivery process.
  • An easy to use administration control panel: enabling practitioners to track and manage the online evaluation process.
  • The ability to deliver personalised, and secure, online evaluation questionnaires: for both large and small community and environmental programmes in a matter of minutes.
  • The ability to manage and communicate with stakeholders: through a user friendly data management system.
  • Robust behaviour change reporting: from our cost effective entry level platform upwards.
  • Access to training and delivery support: from experienced community engagement specialists and evaluators.